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A Day Called Tomorrow

A Day called tomorrow, What hope it has in store, Lovely dreams and multiple plans, To build the future, to take another chance..

A Day called tomorrow, It carries so many beliefs, The visions of improving situations, The courage to stand for someone in need..

A Day called tomorrow, Holds within so many secrets, The reasons of unsolved mysteries, The solutions to all human worries..


But only if a day called Tomorrow.. Could live up to the expectations, Bring in the happiness it promises And stand firm as inspirations.

Now, have you wondered what tomorrow might have been, if it just wouldn’t have been?


No Day called Tomorrow, Explores what today can do to you, It would have pinched you a wake up in the morning, A little knock on the head, given to you.

No Day called Tomorrow, Can make you carry your own cross, The time would no longer be merely passed, it would instead hold; A cheerful smile and a joyful heart.

No Day called Tomorrow, Could make the present bright, With gratitude and compassion, We would Listen to someone in time.

No Day called Tomorrow, What a sight it would have been, I could spend more time with you then, And in my mind, memories wouldn’t bleed.

No Day called Tomorrow, No, not again would I need, If only I had not forgotten to remember, That Tomorrow’s something that has never been..


Keep 🙂 Always


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