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A Part of Me?

Glide over the keys, look above the board

See what you have typed, the mistakes you ignored.

Random thoughts, fancy visions may create something new

but newness too looks strange, if it doesn’t reflect a part of you.

You begin blinking those eyelids and yet can’t help but stare

Giving all that you have but still not willing to share.

Spontaneous jokes and instant punchlines, come ahead sometimes to cover you

but the wit is just a silly understatement, if it doesn’t reflect a part of you.

Variety of expressions but silence the best, even if the conversations happen with barely few

A sudden desire or passionate fire but only you would know how far it’s true.

Quick ideas and crazy plans do present themselves as enticing to you

but satisfaction is just a mere temptation, if it doesn’t reflect a part of you.

So what does it really mean, even if the dots don’t seem to connect

You think randomness is weird, but that’s how you really gonna resurrect.

Making sense and analyzing, when observation was all you really needed to do

but you’re going to miss that divine encounter, if You Yourself don’t reflect a part of you.

“I would have done that but…”

“Don’t talk to me that way or else…”

“You have yet not seen my anger/love/hatred/sweetness…”

“If this happens my way then I could…”

“I can if…”

“I’ll tell you someday…”


A Part of Me?

Keep 🙂 Always


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