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A Vanishing Act

It’s not really in your hands as to what kind of turn of events you might face. Things are gonna go really bizarre and sometimes all that you’re actually doing is following breadcrumbs left for you by someone else. What if it was a total setup? What if the plan of the devil was not to make you sin but to stop you from praying? What if… the devil knew already that he could never get you but instead he just wanted you to stumble and slip and fall early? If any of this were actually true, would the life you’re living right now still look meaningful to you? Often it’s the very fear of falling within us that makes us decrease our speed and altitude to the top and not the fall. You usually have to strive alone while climbing uphill. If there’s a crowd around, you’re probably tumbling down. #AVanishingAct

In the event of numerous occurrences of events that are far more than merely anticipated by the expectants, misdirection and misconception play an crucial role in determining the sudden change of the usual course. It happens when you feel that the sun will rise and the cock will crow. But not necessarily in the same order. Illusion is a key player in this journey and you seldom get to decide for how long it may accompany you, unless you’re able to debunk it at an earlier stage. The transformation you strive inside and the acceptance you seek outside are agents that can alter motives and motivations but it’s only when it’s interchanged, can it impact determination. #AVanishingAct

It is always important to stand for and stand by the right things at all times. But who decides the right? The right of one situation might not be right in other. For instance, lying isn’t right. But when a mother tries to make her child stop crying by offering the kid something to be led lured by, would that be lying too? Right may or may not always be right. So in situations like these, try to figure out what’s the more Loving thing to do. It’s when the mind can’t apply logic, the heart comes in to compensate. It’s when the brain over thinks to rationalize, the heart comes in to recreate the magic in all your relations. We are so caught up with the right that we tend to ignore the loving aspect. This month, let’s revive that spirit of listening, appreciating and loving selflessly and pass it on to atleast two people near you. Work can always wait, heartbeats can’t. Make sure your don’t have regrets when it does. #AVanishingAct

They say, for the wet clothes to dry faster, you’ve got to twist it well. Squeeze every single droplet of water that could possibly be extracted and then with a jolt in the air, let the moisture disappear. You can then watch your cloth dry within a matter of hours. That’s what happens when you want your emotion soaked relationship cocktail to dry to just one relationship. You squeeze it until every single expectation is fulfilled and then with a jolt in the attitude, let the conversation disappear. You can see relationships dry up within a matter of moments. #AVanishingAct

One caring friend can work much better than week long antibiotics. How often did you try being the medicine to someone? Hate someone? Appreciate them and see. You would feel the happiness of being the better one. Can’t stand someone? Do something for them. You will feel that you’re high up on the pinnacle and their stress won’t matter. Though it’s tried and tested already by millions, let’s do a spot task. Take a few chocolates/ candies and distribute among the people around you today. The astonishment and surprise will elevate you way too high above the mediocrity and routine of everyday. Are you being selfish and doing it just for the feeling or appreciation? Do it anyways. Because there’s that one out there who actually needed it more than you could have imagined. Being a person with heartbeats depends on how well does his neighbor he treats. #AVanishingAct

Physically speaking, every body has a different temperature that it keeps the soul in. Not everyone has the same 37°C in the room. Each body reacts different to different external agents like cold beverages/ dust particles/ fresh morning dew and so on in a different manner. Every body doesn’t take the same time frame to recover from the same wound or ailment, nor does it react the same way to the same antibiotics consumed by different bodies. Yet then, if the make and shape of the body is different, the composition, response and reaction of each body is different and there lives a completely different, unique and incomparable soul in each of this body, then why does the same body expect that others should be same like it? If each body reserves this right to reciprocate to external stimulus to one’s own self then why does it seek and expect complete acceptance from an another body for the norms that are only valid to this one? In simpler terms, is it fair to express displeasure and dissatisfaction just because someone’s way of doing something is different from yours? Science says it’s not fair, what about you? #AVanishingAct

What’s your reaction when you see, “Work in Progress”? Can it mean that you are not yet perfect but in the process of it? Could it mean you are different. Different from whom you started out as and are constantly evolving into something, different. Who are you? Are you smart, good looking, cute, sweet, doctor, engineer, writer, son, wife, sister, father, home-maker, care taker, policy holder or undertaker? Or are you, Work In Progress? (video credits – JonJorgenson, Spoken Word) #AVanishingAct

Expectations are very crucial part of a person’s life. It hurts they say, so don’t expect. So we ‘try’ to not expect and accept what comes. Funny, isn’t it? How can you not expect to see another day, or breathe the next second? How can you not expect a bus on the bus stop or a little push in a crowded train? And would our dearest Hope mean the same, had there been no existence of expectations? Expect Massive to Accept Big. Not all will come true, but that wasn’t the need anyways. #AVanishingAct

Forgiveness isn’t something we beg for, it’s something given in abundance through grace. Why do we say that children are the closest to God? Because they don’t listen to the followers. They have their own way of connecting to their Creator. The Father doesn’t mind it but His people do. He didn’t ask for a colony of beggars but a fellowship of disciples. If you want to learn to balance, you’ve got to remove those side wheels. Who is the middle man in your story that is stopping you from seeing your plan? Need an answer, look within. Need a face, look in the mirror. Disconnect to Reconnect. #AVanishingAct

Being fearless might be an essential and important criteria but haven’t you noticed, the best among us were not the ones who were fearless but instead the ones who were scared to death. Their heart beat was faster than the Olympic runner and body shivered much more than your smartphone on an incoming call. Yet they achieved. And we got a word in English for it called Courage. It’s not the absence of fear but it’s acceptance and courage to give it a shot that makes us ‘just a human’. #AVanishingAct

Confirmation. A desire the entire humankind is engrossed in achieving. We know it, we feel it, we can even validate it yet there is a dire need for confirmation. Is it really a need, though? Or an expression? A sharing of a part of oneself that signifies the oneness we long to make. Confirmation. Is it a climber of doubt that needs a support to grow? Or is it a bamboo shoot that grows best together? It’s not about how doubting you are but how willing you are to create a social bond that matters. Go out and Confirm. #AVanishingAct

The wish of disappearance is not always depressing. It works as a reality check medicine. Usually they say, think of reasons why did you hold on for so long… I’d say, you want to really disappear, do it. Enjoy the phase. Not to nourish your ego or show how stubborn you are, but instead to show you what all you are missing. What are the things you would regret of Not doing because of this choice. And once you know the top 3… Well, life isn’t for forever. The only thing that hurts on the deathbed isn’t pain or grief, but regret of things undone. #AVanishingAct

Learn the pause. It’s the pause that changes situations to totally opposite scenarios. The generation is inclined towards taking oaths and those who don’t, resort to smart wordplay. Sometimes it’s too add value to the sentence. I love you xyz… Sometimes it’s to check if what’s being transmitted is also efficiently received on the other end. After all, these are not machines. They are humans who tend to misunderstand and feel hurt. The trick: you can’t not be hurt. But what you can do is… Learn to use your heart more but only after you consult your brain first. #AVanishingAct

Which one is the most favorable: Reaching the after the train has departed? Or Reaching the station, days before any such train is announced? Words, like the train are inevitable. They will come, sometime in some form. The trick is to reach your senses before it’s too late to regret and too early to realize. After all, magic without timing is also an ignored coincidence. #AVanishingAct

Sometimes the reflections are just like a mirage in the sand. Time keeps slipping by at its own pace and we take this imagery, an illusion to be the real face. The reality, in fact is much beyond the reach of understanding, someplace where only the ones who know the path can go. There exists no way to follow, no ideal to idolize, no dream so big that could hide within it, the camel that tries from the head of the needle, to pass. #AVanishingAct

So you say that all the arguments we do are pointless? We exaggerate the situation, amplify the reaction and lose control of emotion? What could be spoken, need not have been yelled at. After all, the tears on the casket and the tombstone are not the memories that were lived but the compilation of all the unspoken words and deeds that could have been done by us for the person. #AVanishingAct

Words I thought, were easy to weave and easier to play with, but not every word can be limited to just one interpretation; not a single word could help in a speechless situation. #AVanishingAct

So you said something, without realizing that it could be interpreted in ways beyond your imagination and now you got to deal with repercussions… Or you quit saying, knowing that words, after all, are going to be passed through a stereotype channel of social understanding which might/ might not be on the same level you intended to explain it. #AVanishingAct


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