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Be Positive :)


Often in our lives & mostly in our teenage years, we tend to experiment with ourselves. We try to explore are talents as much as possible & most of the times due to over excitement or such other factors we tend to fail.          This is the time when we under estimate ourselves & are over-shadowed by depression. From these small failures – 1)      We start doubting are existence. 2)      We feel that there is nothing left in are lives. 3)      God didn’t show us a way & so….. & what happens is that we unknowingly start thinking in a negative way.

Here is where the quote “B +ve” needs to be applied.. Now you may say that it is easy to say but how do we actually do it? So my answer would be this – Yes, I too love to experiment & explore our talents & I also have failed a 100 times & got depressed. But what we think when we are in depression is more important than just being depressed.

1)      Instead of doubting are existence, live the failures. I mean failing also isn’t a easy thing to do :). On a serious note, only after we fail, we look at things in a more focused way & with a new perspective. So that’s why we are never afraid of failure at least.

2)      The feeling that there is nothing left in are lives is hurtful. But why not look at it also positively? Let us ask you one thing. What did you have when you were born??  Nothing.  At least now you have much more than what you had then. So doesn’t that mean that there’s still something there in your life? Make that something your everything & you’ll find a reason to live again.

3)       ‘God didn’t show me a way’. This is what we conclude with, when we are depressed & this may be true also that God might have actually not shown you a way but the reason for it could be that He didn’t want you to go through the same common way that everyone does. He was specially making a new way for you.  A new & better way on which you would be the first one to travel & win. It’s like try-try till you succeed. No matter how many times you fail in life. If you have the will power then no matter how many obstacles come in your way, there is sure going to be success. & it can even change your whole life. We should always take the positive side of every bad thing….. For example:  When your parents shout at you, don’t get depressed. Just think that they are doing it for your good. Don’t take it in a bad way like your parents are mean and stuff like that. It will only create hatred and the peace in the house gets disturbed. SO BE POSITIVE 🙂                  Dear Friends, I am not saying that it is wrong be depressed or don’t be depressed but just that even in your depression try think positively.

You may have times when u r low but remember this is the time when u should Glow.

Keep 🙂 Always


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