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Bound to be Crazy!

It can even serve as an indication of the turmoil that’s evident in things as small as the tea or coffee you chose.

You can’t say by the movement of the wind or the calmness of the sea that would invariably reflect on how soon you would reach.

The unnecessary baggage must be dropped and the anchor lifted so to be led in the storms where life its lessons teach.

Growing in a place, tall and wide shall work as a double-edged sword that gets the glances more than mere admiration and aspiration

You’ve got to tune in on the same frequency that intercepts the pulse without classification or categorisation.

You’ve got this, yes it’s within your reach the ability to hit and pace for an another shot at the home run

Suspended by the stick or tied by the rope can limit the boundaries that never really existed except in the levels of a particular’s perception.

Try if you may just don’t give away, it’s took years to make the designs that ride on the waves so casually

So let the earth be stationary or be racing away in motion for the plan doesn’t have to align in ways linear, uni or multidirectionally.

You keep pressing an impression with the carbon on reality till it doesn’t come as a freehand in the world imaginary

Tapping it down or raising it up, twisting it around or stretching in front, a masterpiece in making is bound to be known as crazy!


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