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By My Side…

All I know was that you are there

The one to whom I could always share

All my words… All my words…

All I know that you never fade out

The one to whom I don’t have to shout

To reach my voice… To reach my voice…

And my thoughts start pouring like the morning rain,

Where could you have been gone again?

I keep wondering day and night, wishing you could be there listening

By My Side… By My Side…

And deep within I know you’re really there,

Trying to escape in all those songs we shared

I keep wondering all the time, wishing you could get a while to be

By My Side… By My Side…

All I know is the shine in your eyes

Listening so patiently, that powerful device

Makes me calm… Makes me calm…

All I know is that halo you possess

With you my words I don’t assess

that makes me feel safe… makes me feel safe…

And we’re both dead or let’s pretend to be

That’s how Angels are felt, in reality

I keep gazing in the night, like fireflies dancing in the moonlight you’ll be

By My Side… By My Side…

And in the hearts that’s all about,

Being with someone and not locking them out

I keep gazing towards the sights, wishing you walk right out from the light to be

By My Side… By My Side…

By My Side


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