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Connected. Are We?


We are so caught up in this device of delusion,

We don’t see our neighbor, the reality is illusion.

Where chatting is talking and profile pictures, the eye contact;

It’s the closeness we crave for, keeping the distance intact.

Sharing and waiting is just done for the rating, to see who is the most well-known,

Creating and relating is just for equating, on how the majority could be in friend zone.

So does it really matter, what poison you prefer, as long as you relish every last bit of the battery or power;

Having relationships but craving for companions in every friend, family, moment or hour.

Gadgets bring us close, but closer to technology, the thread that unites, beyond every boundary;

Humans all around, with moral obligations that surround, but humanity never gets ahead of individuality.

Keep 🙂 always


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