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Dear You, Please Get Lost

Dear You

So we finally did meet, isn’t it? Pretentious smiles and awkward glances had never really been much of a reality owing to the kind of personalities each one shows. Flashing on different hemispheres of the same galaxy, we coexisted in an environment that did not know us both.

Curious smiles or blank stares didn’t really need to be accompanied by sound. Sometimes it’s the unsaid that does the magic. You can choose to use the cues inside the conversation or let the conversation be with no discussion at all. All we had was the faith of the size of the mustard seed.

We look out for, we search… We long to find, we wait at the porch; for the assurance of safety hoping the other never be alone. And if you are there with me, who could possibly, stop me? And if you’re around, how can I be low? And if you’re watching over me how could I go wrong? And if you’re looking at me, isn’t it magic already? The bond is greater, the bond is stronger, the bond is higher than mind could fathom. And that’s what makes it so difficult to explain.

A little used up with some scratches and dents, both loved to live with liberty, didn’t bother about consent. And both didn’t mind, because seldom did we ever find the one who complemented our level of craziness. No, not equals, certainly not the same, we were on two totally different levels of the same game.

Difficult to trust but impossible to deny that there’s logic behind everyone’s action and inaction; but what’s more shocking is how your heart reveals, the depth of the Soul in fractions. Inquisitive to threatened and up with a sword yet using it to just show off its shine; hesitation and consultation, magnification of justifications started getting everything perfectly back in line. Leap of faith never felt this easy before.

I’ve been there, dealt with that, it’s not an overnight phenomenon but how to explain the irony of circumstances in which the stars in the dark sky authored our interaction.

They say an overdose of anything at all can be lethal. But equally true is that each one has a different risk bearing capacity. The amount that every mold can hold before it overflows varies on the basis of multiple factors. One such incident had befallen two souls that gave depth reaching the galaxy and height touching the stars yet even with the slightest glimpse you wouldn’t know, in what trouble they are. One was balancing on shaking ground and other skiing on an avalanche. They both briefly collided on a point and you could see the beautiful catastrophic dance.

Sometimes you need a push on your temple and a kick on your back to shake you real good and drop your worries’ stack. But you are the best in the game, the one with the name; the reason of fame and not the type called the same, so who would possibly dare to knock on your frame? Well there’s always someone for everyone they say, the one who can see through the wall and take you for a sway, the one who reads much more than you’ve got to say, the one who can handle your insecurities in the night when you lay, the one who enters doors that didn’t have a paved way and yet knows when to settle and when smilingly walk away.

Knowing the consequences, being prepared for the outcome doesn’t really reduce the pain but choosing your own poison makes suffering worth the smile. Happy are those who cherish and live the moment, theirs won’t be the regret later. Happy those who be there when needed, they make sure other is never lonely. Happy the self-giving, they complete the other with a part of them. Happy those willing to share who they really are, for their soul will be immortalized.

Doubt is where it begins, companionship follows close behind, you try to be human and control the speed on the slope, making sure that the slide means nothing but the divine. So now the real game begins, without playing with other’s mind, you can’t possibly tag this understanding, it’s been unique, a one of a kind.

Shinning tears under the moon could only be seen in the twinkling light of the stars and trembling eyes on the bright days kept inquiring the distance of how far you are. Pages being read swiftly of volumes written on self, everything around suddenly seems so mighty and amidst it, you a tiny elf. Shielding and blocking, not expected but shown, won’t last for very long once the conditions were known.

We wait and we long, we search for the lost; distracted or pretending, is it raining or is it frost? Difficult to know as the temperature went to below minus, hoping that someday a miracle could find us. But then what’s the point of miracles if denied and defied is a bond so true; what’s the magic going be, if you yourself can’t take care of you. Life’s not giving you a babysitter, not even a signpost or GPS, reviving back the engine within, is only the job of a honest, determined yes. The question is are you willing to give it all and pay the cost? If yes…

Dear You, Please Get Lost! 😉

Thank You

Keep 😊 always


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