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Dream Catcher

pic credits: Divyangana Desai

Sketch credits: Divyangana Desai

Let’s dream a dream for you A dream that would be more real than true A world of endless possibilities you can view Pristine and untouched like the early morning dew.

But the dream can mean anything to you From a good memory to a catastrophe for few From a magical reality to a web of illusion you can sew Strangely hanging between the conscious and unconscious taboo.

A dream can mean more than just a dream for you One that let’s you sleep or kept you awake all night through One that kept you dangling between choices to one that kept you stuck as glue Inception in the darkest center of the night yet popping out daylight without waiting in a queue.

So dreamer what’s the dream you said you knew? I hope you remember it as that’s now what you pursue You might want to hurry as the time is already overdue Oh dreamer, my dreamer; a dream doesn’t always be untrue.

Keep 😊 Always


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