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Dreaming, Are You?

There’s only one kind of darkness that you voluntarily wanna slip into

A single dark void that doesn’t scare the hell out of you

The only commutable black hole, sometimes more exciting than the reality so true

We prefer to call it dream, the precursor of our fortune.

Dream big they said, and I shot across time and space

Landed in London panting, wondering wassup with the hurry and chase

No one’s really after me but it’s a rigorous team training on the grounds

I was with the Arsenal FC, together preparing for the next glory days.

Realizing that it was really a dream, I woke with the excitement of the world apart

Took out my car and gave it a sudden jump start.

Riding over the buildings and obstacles, to reach for a concert before I collide

I could see the baby stop crying, when I called her by my heart.

But oh that’s once again a dream not true,

I remember that 2 yrs back, I had to break up from you

Wonder what grace that we meet now without a plan or a structured choice

Catching up of life… Work and friendship too.

But alas, this dreamimg somehow still seems to last…

As I struggle to move my hands, my heart panting so fast

I see an opening to the dark cave glowing

But I’m not swimming an inch further, even after generations of trying has passed.

Now I lay awake, startled by my dream’s sound

Immersed neck deep in reality, yet the echos of last night surround

I see some noise, an advantage of opportunity even my subconscious can take,

Pop quiz of Share Your Dreams by Secret Service, an Open Secret initiative, you can’t resist sharing around.

Special thanks to Secret Service members for sharing their dreams.

Keep 🙂 always


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