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I Enjoy Troubling You

Have you ever thought of something all throughout and forgotten it right when the moment arrived? Did you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a storm when you realize you’ve forgotten something of someone you shouldn’t have had?

Hey”, she said as the clock ticked towards 10 pm.

Hey”, he replied happily as the morning’s incomplete conversation was going to begin again.

You have a bad memory

I do, why?” he asks puzzled…

Assume it’s a puzzle and solve it! You’ve got two hours.

He was confused. “Seriously? That’s all I got? Two hours and an accusation after a long and tiring day” he thought to himself… He tried asking her, pretending to be normal, although deep within he knew this was going to be something big. He asked, “May I know what it relates to?

I’m not giving you any clues at all” she said in a cold annoyed tone.

What? Is there something special today?”  He tried once again knowing that she couldn’t resist keeping silent for long. She had never succeeded in keeping anything from him before. But there’s a first time for everything they say. His curiosity was mounting and his brain working overtime while he waited for her to reply.

Um…” she took a pause and he crossed his fingers hoping she would end the suspense but then she continued, “I’m not saying anything.

He didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t the first time he had forgotten something about her. He had once forgotten about the super powers she would love to have. Flying and running with a speed that made her invisible to the world, like Flash. She had told him what he was missing without as many theatrics in an hour or so though back then. But this time it was different. This time she seemed intent on not giving in.

Finally realizing he had nothing to say, he made some sad faces. She misunderstood him to be upset and immediately replied, “You don’t have a right to be angry now. I’m the one who should be angry” with a straight face.

Still speechless, he again made some faces to get her talking again but this time around she probably melted a bit. Getting girls to speak is an art, especially when she is annoyed and you have no clue why. “Think”, she said “ask whoever you want” with an indifferent expression.

Arey” he replies, trying to get her to speak.

You arey. I’m super mad. Yet trying to act normal.

But why? Won’t you tell me?” he probed as he was beginning to get impatient.

You think. I’m not saying a word.

How would I know then?

Think. Not my problem” she sighs. “Out of all the days, you find today only for that course of yours.” And she frowns as that’s why they couldn’t meet the whole day.

I waited for you, but you didn’t turn up. I met your elder brother and dad as well. I searched for you but you weren’t around” he defended himself. “Is it your Baptism?

You came?” She exclaimed as her sadness of not meeting him just got amplified. “And no, it’s not my Baptism” she said with an indifferent look.

Yes, 7.30” he replied.

Did you wait for the Holy Mass?” she inquired.

No, I had come to set up the systems and left in 15 minutes. There were some hardware issues so I had to come” he replied. By this time they both had digressed well outside their current discussion and he was hoping he somehow remembers it before she does. But the odds were probably not in his favor today.

Oh okay. Good for you! Don’t distract me, I’m still angry” she said in an uninterested tone.

You wanted to click a picture together? Wanted me to wack someone?” He was hoping the guesses in the lighter tone would probably get her to slip but a straight “No!” was all she said. So he had to keep trying. “Then?” he asked. “Think” she repeated. This was the 4th time she had said it in a single conversation. He had absolutely no clue why but the fact that she was still at least was having a conversation with him was motivation enough to keep trying.

Anniversary?” he asked jokingly, knowing it was just a shot in the dark.

Huh!” her eyes sparkled. “Depends on what anniversary you’re talking about…” she tried hard not to succumb. But he was smart enough to know that he was close so he persisted saying, “why don’t you only tell me?

3rd July 1999 something happened!” she exclaimed, finally giving up.

Damn! It’s your Birthday!

Good Morning” she said mockingly with a sad face for all the effort she had to take.

Couldn’t you tell me this before? Happy Birth Evening” he said with a wink.

No I couldn’t!” and she was angry again “Thanks”, she responded to the wish.

How mean dear” he said to her thinking that if she had reminded him a bit earlier, he could have done something but alas…

You’re mean, not me. You forgot!

Sorryyyyyyyyy dear… I waited for it the entire year and right on the day I forgot”, he apologized.

I know how busy you are so I understand. You remembered the whole year. That is more than enough to appease me. It’s just that I Enjoy Troubling You till you remember” she giggled.

With that he sighed a breath of relief and thought about how lucky he was to find such a sweet and understanding baby sister 2 years ago in her.


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