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If only God wouldn’t have forgotten

I thought I’d relax But the mind won’t let me The constant worry and anxiety The fear of tomorrow changing my planned destiny.

I stay awake at night So that sleep doesn’t take away All the ideas and hopes I kept holding on That tomorrow might just be exactly as I wanted it today.

I try that I don’t dream So that they don’t make me nervous Of the many things that I yet have to achieve In the few days that I have planned with much focus.

And when I wake recollect yesterday With all the empty plans and echoing advices I gather them all and lift it all again on my back A bag full of ignorance and a truck load of mistakes called choices.

And so I move on Or I think so that I do I usher into the new day without the vigor With the same old wine bottle and a cynical point of view.

I search for a perspective By asking the ghost what next to do I look for answers all around the globe and beyond But I’d never accept the quote saying “the answer is right within you”

And why should I? If only had I the solutions already knew I would quite gladly tell it to myself silently And again find a reason to not have faith, a reason to not bother you.

I hope you know what I mean to say Because I don’t say very often I’ll stop carrying my baggage to another day If only God, you wouldn’t have forgotten.

Keep 🤠 always


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