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My Twin


Tears roll by as the memories flock in, Not of pain but the happiness I miss, Golden were the days in the age of black and white, When my Twin ruled my heart and was always in my sight..

And then slowly I slip, into the galaxy of our thoughts, We didn’t have it all but treasured each other we had got, Talking was the trend which only you had taught me, my friend, And being my Twin, we sailed through every bend..

The good times we laughed together, In not so good, we gave a shoulder to the other, Technology was not yet a barrier or medium, In you my Twin, I found my companion..

And just then when we thought when all was just perfect, Came our separation, life’s target had to be met, Changing directions was inevitable but we trusted our roots, It was time my relation with my Twin, would begin to bear fruits..

Seasons changed and so did the situations, We may try to stay the same but distance had its implications, Overnight although it may not have started to mutate, But irony kicked in between me and my Twin and even simple jokes began to retaliate..

No new rules had been set, no terms declared, The ones who never stayed apart, now chose to seldom glare, Communication was convenient but the gap now seems too big to cross, My Twin was now somewhere in the mist, whose traces even seem lost..

But attempt I must make, no matter about the stakes, Can’t stay much longer in two bodies, one’s effort is all it takes, What incidences have divided, words would now try to bring close, I wish for my Twin to come back to me and then time freezes I chose..

I know it may not heal the wounds that past has made, But I’m sure as one if we unite and move further, the hurt would soon evade, Coming back to reality, I still feel your presence around, Reading this, I hope you might also say, in you my Twin is again found..


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