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Nevertheless it’s a Dog’s Life


Storytellers… They are all always around us. The people we know, the people we speak to, and the people we don’t speak to. There is one present in everyone. Let’s just even say that it is present even In US. Here is a story, different from the usual one. Yet one of the most common. When we see a dog, it is a small little tiny creation. A creation that lets you be amazed. It is so common for dogs to be look alike or clones or twins. & you can’t sometimes identify one just by the look of it. But it does when they have grown to different body shapes & sizes that you do know the difference. That is when you come to know which dog is yours among all the others out there. But ever tried to figure them out when they were so tiny puppies. Ever tried to see the probable caretakers, stress busters of the future, struggle to walk, struggle to take their first step… And their appearances! Oh! They look all so similar. They even sound the same. But you know your dog & and you know it the way no one else possibly could. You know the sound they make & you know the volumes they speak when they are silent. A dog is a great soul to be with. They are born predators. They take no orders or accept no control. They are free from restrictions & the world is their playground. Have you ever heard a dog say, “Hey dude, I can’t walk down that alley, it’s too tiring. Please call a cab for me”? Or have you seen it possibly sit in a dog bar & order some chilled coke with extra ice cubes for a refresher? & you most certainly might not have not seen them asking for a vacation from the leash. From the forest to the city, in the streets & at your home, they always seem to adapt the way the surrounding has been demanding it. Does it they mean we should actually start to appreciate a very well mannered dog? This is where the whole thought of personification kicks in & the idea of dogs having feelings enters your mind & you imagine your Tommy & your Moti right next to you, with his ass touching the ground, probably tired of waiting on four legs, supporting his head upright on just the front two & sticking his tongue out in an expectation that you are going to say something which no matter how clear or pleasing it may be, won’t be understood by them & they will be like “Bowwww” (what on earth is he blabbering, just get me my meal Mahn!). And just then when you finally realise this fact and you convey it with a sense of touch, you cell phone begins to ring by the ping & they the poor creature has to just be satisfied with the namesake touch of one hand which is probably pulling the hell out of the extra fat muscles below his jaw without even your giving a logical thought to it. When you are bored with that, you move to the fur, which obviously is the case only if your dog has one, & then you begin to rub, rub & rub.. followed by rub, rub & more rub till rubbing you’re happy that the dog might be actually liking your cold, numb, senseless, ungrateful, passionless fingertips being inserted inside the very hair that kept his body warm. Whatever happened to the whole idea of tickling at that time? Doesn’t that tickle? & you feel your dog would be saying, “ohh please do it more, I like that. I’ve been waiting for just this all day long.” When it actually probably meant, “You love doing it my dear but wait for the time when you would be sitting on a chair & some human like you, sneaks from behind & starts putting his insensitive fingers in your head, between your densely populated hair & spoil the Whole Look Of Yours!!! I hope no other dogs see me this way now”. You are practically treating a predator like a mouse & expect it to take it all lightly? Try doing it with a tiger buddy. I’m sure you both with have your parts of fun equally then. As a puppy you like it running around the house and jumping here & hopping there and it is a normal jolly dog. But when it grows, you better control the leash. The bed isn’t the playground & the home isn’t a field to lift the leg anywhere. You can’t find enough time to take him out always & you can’t let the chains loose when visitors come in. When you dog actually finally learns to obey all the rules of the game, that’s when comes the interesting part, he gets a favourite meal & can play his favourite game, for a while. That’s how a good dog is made. It’s this sweet, adorable, cute, lovely dog that we all love and admire. These are the manners that we would love each dog to have. Give us a shake hand when we extend one, stand on two legs when we ask him to & be our cosy toy when we are stressed out. But whatsoever happened to the carefree, naughty, jolly, ferocious, noisy, clumsy predator puppy? What possibly happened to the wild nature that was tamed? What happened to the innocence that was disciplined? What so happened to their instincts? Were they not given those sharp teeth to cut through their prey? Were they not supposed to sniff & find out things? How many of them around us can actually do that? Did they not possess the qualities to know the calamities before it could occur? And as you ponder on each of these questions in relations with the ideas expressed above & the thoughts that might have entered during the course of this journey, let me conclude this story with One Final Question.. “Was I actually speaking about a dog? Or was I referring to…”

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