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Oh man, what a shame!


Colors splashing and rainbows hiding, The bright morning sun rolls over your countryside Sneaking and peaking, but heart ain’t believing How the clouds took literally, your blessings’ invite.

You rush to cover your lawn, Bring back the long-lost gone Leaving your coal in the hot furnace… You return for some heat Wonder why the weather did cheat Why the winter had to build up such a watery case…

Gloomy and dull, you fill your coffee Staring at the window pane, goodbye monotony. You stare up the sky and in your head you say “I guess I’ll stay and call it a day”

Your dreams, your day, your ideas, your way; have all got a little wet today… Winter in April, Heated up December, What is up with the damn rainfall in May.

From raindrops on windowpane to the glowing lines on the screen You instantly traded it for the other that’s been Beeping and blasting with the many notifications unseen So you slide on your couch and reply to all that “suddenly nature’s got very mean”.

You boomerang your thoughts and make up more reasons God’s the only one to do this, let’s blame it all on religion. Commitments were many and fulfillment not even few You enjoy this early morning dawn staying indoors without curfew.

It’s your fingers that get to dance on the glass Not your feet on the soft wet grass Because that place never existed for you without dirt and bees You move to the tune Of another’s autocratic fortune Forgetful of the birds getting wet in the trees.

‘It’s living for others’ you argue with your brothers And sisters, oh let’s just keep them aside. It’s not easy now, to accept what nature’s brought for you today Breaking the man-made seasonal divide.

So no matter if it heated up in the summer And cooled down in winter Or just sent a few showers on a rainy day You’ll still complain, it’s got to be named as ‘a pain’ Because seasons can’t have for themselves, every year a different ball game. Oh man, what a shame! You want to nag again. 😞🙁😔⁠⁠⁠⁠


Keep 😊 always


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