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Question, what could you be?

Panda wondering

Question question, you have a doubt

Questioning the usual and what’s it about

You’re born curious and that’s how it’s going to be

Interrogation’s your style with hesitant curiosity.

Question question, you ask so many times

Questioning the culprit even before the crimes

You’re not tired of being silly, mean or rude

Bugging the person be it your parents, boss or some dude.

Question question, your inquisitiveness never ends

Questioning the right to see how well it defends

You’re fearlessly polite in your every statement you make

Leaving no scope for misunderstanding another cherry on the cake.

Question question, who could this ‘you’ be?

Questioning the poet while ignoring your own inner child’s query

You’ve had a childhood like every kid, wanting to know so much more too

But now you’ve got the answer of “that’s not something for us to do”

Question question, where do you draw the line?

Questioning the question will only make you divine

You’ve learned that there’s no wrong or right answer in school

What they failed to emphasize was ‘Questioning’ as your greatest tool.

Question question, now you hear me

Questioning, the quality, is your immunity

You’ve been blessed by this superpower even beyond your childhood

Use it wisely and bring about a difference you never thought you could.

Keep 🤠 always


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