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Seasons of Life


Life is full of reasons

As 1 climate with different seasons

We make a lot of decisions

But to make them work, where are our visions?

Sometimes there is sunshine,

Sometimes there is rain;

We can’t always gain in life

We have to bear the pain.

The trees that bloom in autumn,

Will be snow-covered from top to bottom

All the troubles we have gone through,

Will soon be forgotten.

The narrow life we share,

The innumerable tears we shed;

Will just amount to nothing

After we are dead.

It’s the season that counts,

Not the climate that amounts

In the little little little kind deeds we do everyday,

Is where happiness is often found.

So life may present a lot of reasons

But consists of only 4 seasons

No matter how many & what are our decisions

We should never forgo our visions.


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