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Selfie has Self that is…

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of parents upset with children obsessed with the demon of selfie. I also came across news reports of various accidents while taking selfies. Both of these seemed a little disturbing so here’s my take on selfie for children and parents alike…

🤳 Self i.e.,

Self i.e., crazy Self i.e., excited Self i.e., adventurous Self i.e., glorious Self i.e., handsome Self i.e., beautiful Self i.e., adorable Self i.e., cool

Self i.e., one with nature Self i.e., happy with colour Self i.e., smiling with others Self i.e., pouting for a while Self i.e., making a statement Self i.e., sharing a style Self i.e., making you lonely Self i.e., definitely worthwhile

Self i.e., a passion of the generation Self i.e., a live of own’s devotion Self i.e., a conversation can be started Self i.e., a story in the eyes Self i.e., a person’s own picture Self i.e., a shade of the human Self i.e., a plethora of emotions Self i.e., a face hiding in a filter’s disguise

Self i.e., an identity Self i.e., now a need Self i.e., requesting for your validation Self i.e., calling it as my senseless deed Self i.e., my expression of suppression within Self i.e., independent self’s loudest cry Self i.e., outburst of emotions Self i.e., I died

Selfie meant all of this And much more than this could ever mean Self i.e., a soul so cheerful Yet I crossed the line to get digitally freezed Selfie I took for smiles, the likes and shares For thumbs up and beating hearts, for winks and the stares Self i.e., sitting on the edge of mountains and corners of rock Clicking yet another daring picture, before a leap that you call a fall

Selfie no longer gets the giggles and the smile Self i.e., lost by the obsession of caging it in its own device

Selfie is not bad if it doesn’t take your life Self i.e., the most important than any background you have behind Selfie has to be taken with more poses and head tilts Self i.e., not putting yourself in danger and saving others from the guilt

Take countless selfies of every moment as is Just be careful where click it, take care of Self i.e.,

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