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She was him just that she didn’t know

Gushing waves so organized and coordinated. Each following the other just like she followed him into the city. The city that never sleeps. Sleep that’s worth so less than the dreams and dreams she has of being like him. He’s all she ever desired to be. Smart, quick, sharp, and full of chivalry. They never spoke, never collided officially yet in her mind she had him all figured out, sequentially.

Being an alone girl in a new city, not easy yet this wonder managed to see through the hazy. Living in a time where appreciation is cheesy and success is how well you keep busy. Yet over the horizon, beyond the seas, she could feel the ripples in the ocean each time he walked by her residency. And jeez, what else she would ask of him to be, but him alone. Always on the phone yet smiling as he stared at stones, igniting life with lifeless living bones.

Step by step she moves closer to knowing him. Little by little, she’s owning him. And he’s right there, oblivious to what light he’s shown. He’s in his land of perfection, a unicorn who’s fully grown to life and prosperity. He knows how to see through the clutter and tasks, he exactly knows what he wants and asks and he speaks. Oh, he speaks and then gets out his flask, pulls off his mask and has a sip of the poison she always disowned.

In all the mess and troubles around, he knew he would nowhere else have found, his inspiration, himself. She was it and was bewildered at how he could get himself off the shelf. A breath of fresh air swept her soul, slowly taking her into the wind where her dreams had once grown. Life’s beginning to be different for her again as she realized he somewhere was proud of carrying her name. As heartbeats increase and she is close enough to see, she found her Mr Right was imaginary and that’s when she truly realized that he was just another ordinary. What made him special was her personality that she had let him embody in everything he did. He just was a reflection of perfection she wanted. She was everything within and more, yes, she was him just that she didn’t know.

She was him just that she didn’t know

She had her ideal chosen. And hopefully, now she realises that “she was him just that she didn’t know”


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