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The Silent Syllable

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You know the silent syllable, don’t you?

The one that’s there but…

But is it there, really?

The one whom you intentionally leave out of your conversations

And who’s only there to not be there in your oral vocabulary.

Yes, now I think you faintly remember,

The sidekick and “oh that’s nobody” one.

That’s the syllable, right there in the wrong you just read

Whom you will again conveniently ignore it in often.

So now no point in saying Champagne with an accent

Because you would be still treating it just the same like the one in autumn.

The silent syllable is not really very different

It only wants your ignorance to soften

It comes quite a few times in the sandwich you eat

Yet you would oversee it in every single column.

But no matter how many times you ignore or put it down,

The solemn sound of the silent syllable cannot be forgotten.

This goes out to say to all those who are silent and thus, ignored that you are not left out.  You are noticed! And without you, we would never be complete. You are as important as the

B in limb

G in sign

H in the character

K in every knight

You are more valued than

N of the hymn

T of the hustle

U of the silhouette

W of the wreath

And you never fail to amaze us like the

C in fascinating so

Thank You for being there for me!


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