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There’s a Fine String


There’s a fine string between right & loving. The right asks justification & love keeps sacrificing. Often separate from each other, we tend to choose right over loving, Obeying God’s laws But His will disobeying.

There’s a fine string between kindness & loving; Kindness only brings us closer but love is uniting. We be kind at times for the heck of doing it, But when done lovingly, miracles start flowing from it.

There’s a fine string between loving & winning; Winning gives us satisfaction but joy comes from loving. Because in the end, it’s not about how many tournaments we have won, But rather, it is about how many loving deeds we have done.

There’s a fine string in between, indicating a great divide, That makes love stand, victoriously on the other side. There’s a fine string in between that shows the loving way to do, This is the fine string that binds Me with You.

Keep 🙂 Always


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