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There’s This Girl…

Dedicated to a friend of mine Who thought she had wasted her time Waiting for something, she wasn’t so sure of…

She was beginning to realize, The 1st of April lie was gonna suffice For the entire month that lies ahead of…

So here’s a little reality check for you, beautiful Happiness in tons and smiles bountiful, I hope the truth’s gonna reassure you that after every night, comes a Sunshine of… 🙂

The sky doesn’t always, need a firm ground It’s vast enough not, to easily be found; The lovely blue shades with a touch of black in between Her big round eyes, have since always foreseen So even before you could, give those words some sound, This girl my dear, does know how things will be turning around.

Magic in stages, mysteriously unwinds You won’t believe the treasures, her silence always finds; The pleasing strokes of black, completing eternity Surrounding those eyes, that are deeper than gravity. Confused with the little, choices of various kinds, This girl my dear, does know how to rule the minds.

Classy doesn’t always need, trends to be the guide It’s unmatched compatibility, miraculously finds home to abide; A steady gaze that pierces, right within your soul With one look of those twinkling eyes, you listen to tales untold; Confident but clumsy, yet always prepared for the ride, This girl my dear, does know you even before you confide.

Flying curtains with windows sealed, are signs of movement in the air, Through gushing water & gentle streams, irony of harmony everywhere; With a few final touches, she could be crazier than you possibly can Riding on the sands of time, yet she always has a backup plan; Selectively chirpy, with millions of words to share This girl my dear, does know how to get to your level and care.

Shading pastels only require, the canvas of an open mind, Towering hopes amongst collapsing dreams, with open arms you would always find; A second of stare, a moment to bear, she sets the momentum going on A miniscule chance of miracle there, she’ll survive the dark, awaiting dawn; Spontaneous yet thoughtful, confusions and clarity are together entwined This girl my dear, does know always, how to get those smiles for you aligned.


Keep 🙂 always


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