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Trouble Wish List


My trouble wish list has 3 characters The first was him and the other was her. Together with each other they had dreams so many Precisely the reason why reality didn’t see any.

The third was the one they conveniently left out Working on each other and yet they couldn’t make out. It was him for her and her for him, They always fought for love that never saw the brim.

The third wasn’t the spouse or them together It was him and her before they met each other. They saw and they knew when they faced the mirror every morning Yet somehow they managed to make the other one so boring.

Their Muse was same, it was them who changed The love was there but no them remained. They always went out to fetch for each other And thus halted the journey to self discover.

Now God’s played the part without much ado The two forgot themselves, so excuse me God who? The only way now to be together Is to love your him, her and us; but keep your ‘Me’ forever.

So this is how begins the Trouble Wish List When you keep yourself ‘in’ the equation and don’t try to resist Next time you want to do something to heal Just get inside your head and find your third wheel. ☸️

Keep 🤠 always


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