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Valentine Sunday

Pic Courtesy: Divyangana Desai

Pic Credits: Divyangana Desai

A sleepless night full of dreams

Wandering minds that in silence screams;

What now? For how long can I stay apart?

Does this beautiful plan of Yours, ever get a  start?

I begin to reflect on the breadcrumbs behind;

The graces You sprinkled are waiting for me to find

The lost treasure that I thought I would never again get

Had been already sown in my heart, since we first met.

I shirked it and denied, tried to behave paranoid

The gift I always wanted, but never believed it would collide;

But now I see the magic had always been there, Everyday

I just came to realize it, on a Valentine Sunday.

Valentine Sunday

Pic Credits: Divyangana Desai


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