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What People Will Say


I want to speak and not think twice, I want to do it but not make it a vice, I want to live but not long enough to stay, Because I’m afraid, What Will People Say?

I dreamt my visions with eyes open wide, I hoped and wished, you be by my side, I was beginning to be fed up by this emotion’s relay, All that concerned me was, What Will People Say?

I wouldn’t always express each thing I would feel, I couldn’t each time tell, the situations I used to deal, I was starting to compensate and so I used to pray, O God, just let me know beforehand, What People Will Say?

I then slowly understood, that not all were meant to please, I came to that understanding where my worries began to cease, I now heard your silence, even in the moonlight before day, When I began to share my fears now of What People Will Say?

I watched the clock and it showed how numbers changed, Same old Earth but now, without season it rained, I held to the water and and saw the sand slip away, Things became less dreadful about, What People Will Say.

I unlocked the prison and identified my victim, I recognized my Savior, my salvation lies in Him, I can’t be grateful enough for all the gifts u just gave away, I now, no longer feel the phobia of What People Will Say.

Speeches prevail, words don’t fail nor does the present follow any trail, Sunday’s shining, ocean’s smiling and the navigator again sets up his sail, The advice of experience given by your Angel would explore for you the many ways, Now that you care less and worry no more of What People Will Say.

Keep 🙂 Always


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